Best Cheap Laser Tag Guns

Cheap Laser Tag Guns

Who ever said Laser tag sets had to be expensive must have never seen some of the Best Cheap Laser Tag Guns that we have compiled for you here. They are all very affordable deals that you can get for small kids to get into Laser Tag and are nothing fancy as the more robust Laser tag blasters found here.

They are way cheaper and have all the main functions of a typical laser tag gun with infrared beams and sensors to detect when you are shot or to hit the opposing blaster.Its all safe and a clean way for small kids to have fun while keeping active.

Cheap Laser Tag Guns


1. Smithsonian Inexpensive Two-Player Set Electronic Laser Tag Set

You can get this nice laser tag set for a six (6) year old or an older child. They produce cool interactive lights and sounds that children love and is ideal for two player matches. This set is more suitable for smaller kids though. These are battery powered and very energy efficient. These blasters also vibrate when shot which adds to the realism.Also dont be fooled by the look of this set as they are durable enough to survive being played with by small kids.

2.Discovery Kids Spaceship Laser Tag

This Laser Tag is lovingly shaped like a space ship. They are powered by 6 AAA batteries so remember to get a set when you buy this one or others from this list. Again you can give this to a Six year old kid or older as with the other sets on this list. The set comes with two blasters out the box, overall kids will love and adore them. Read more about this set here.

3. Intergalactic Rocket Laser Tag

This set looks allot like the set above but is a bit different and produces very cool sound lights and vibrations to really immerse kids into a game of laser tag like no other. These are ideal for indoor or outdoor play. The color options of Red and Grey are also nice to contrast each Laser tag gun and each blaster is very accurate for a precise game of Laser tag at home.

4.Discovery Kids Galaxy Blaster Laser Tag

Again we have another set from Discovery Kids that another great laser tag set. These have an impressive range of up 30 feet which is more than enough free range to hit targets at a good distance. This set is OK at best but not great and I recommend one of the sets above over this unit.

5.Worlds Smallest Laser Guns

Last on the list we have these super cheap Laser tags that come in a set of two (2) do note though that these are not super great and only OK at best. I simply placed this one on the list to highlight it.These things do work but they are more disposable Laser tags as they are so cheap. They produce sounds and flashing lights as well.I suggest that you get a whole set of these since they are so cheap if you do decide to get them.


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