Best Laser Tag Guns and Equipment

laser tag guns

Before you can play the game and play it well you need to have the best laser tag guns and equipment that’s available and that money can buy to give you an advantage when you battle it out against another team or a friend. Playing Laser Tag is simple and with the right blaster in hand its a matter of selecting which team you are on and having a solid strategy and making your gun do the rest, you can learn even more about how to play easily as the rules are simple enough that any one can learn within a few minutes and the ease of learning is one of the major appeals of Laser Tag, that and the endless fun you can have with your friends, family or the Guys while you play.

You can either play one on one matches with a friend or make a team and have fun going head to head and seeing which team is left standing at the end of the match.You can play at home or even at a park with friends or family using the back yard as a virtual battle ground which teaches kids team spirit and working as a unit or can even allow the family to bond over a great game at home.

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Laser Tags also make for great gifts for kids, teens or even adults and the perfect way to satay active, develop hand–eye coordination, motor skills, keep you or the kids active and get them out of the house which will do wonders for their health you on many levels.

Best Laser Tag Guns

So let’s get into what we are here for and that’s selecting the Best Laser Tag Guns as there are plenty to choose from but from experience there are only a few sets that I would recommend based on the fact that they are really durable and work very well for a simple one on one match or a large team match with several players, so simply decide on which is best for you based on the ones presented below and remember to pick up the amount you need based on your team size or amount of people you plan to play with.

1.Laser Tag Set for Kids Multiplayer 4 Pack

laser tag guns

The Laser Tag Set for Kids is my first pick and one of my favorite laser tag guns that’s available on the market that’s highly rated satisfaction guaranteed and comes in a set of 4 which mean you can play a 4 on 4 match with these, if this is not enough guns you will have to pick up an additional set. They have an impressive range of 130 feet max with various team settings for one on one match or group or team play with each team being color coded: Green,Blue,white or red with the blaster lighting up in the team color.Best of all this set chains together well with other Lase tag sets of the same type with no limits on team size which is one of the reasons why I really like it above most sets. You can even adjust your laser tag to different blast modes for varying degrees of damage. If you are new and looking for a set that’s easy to use and can chain a lot of other units together for team play this is the set for you, and don’t forget to also pick up some reliable batteries to power this bad boy.

2.Nerf Lazer Tag Phoenix LTX Tagger

laser tag guns

This is hands down one of the most highly rated and Best Laser Tag Guns that you can Buy right now.

My second favorite laser tag set that could have easily been in number one spot is the Lazer Tag Phoenix LTX Tagger from Nerf and I like these because they are well designed and my go to set when asked for a recommendation and the pack comes with two (2) laser tags, I really like these because they have very cool sound effects, vibrate when they are hit along with cool light up LEDs so you know when you get hit. You can also easily select your team, you can reload when you run out of ammo and its great for kids as young as 8 years old and older including adults. The fun thing that sets this laser tag set apart is the rumble that gives a realistic feel and you can even feel the recoil kick when firing which adds to the fun, plus the reload action is very satisfying compared to most other Laser tag on the market. If you want a set that will last and is very fun for beginners or a long time pro get this set as its very popular for a reason.

3.Nerf Lazer Tag Blasters Orange & White Team Pack Gift Set Bundle

laser tag guns

You just got to love this bundle although you can buy this set as a single unit you can start off with the team gift pack and get more later on or simply save yourself time and the hassle and get enough right now as a set which is more affordable, this is also the set seen above in the video. Now what makes this Laser tag gun down right awesome is the fact that its works with your smartphone and all you have to do is download the App to your phone and place it in the special cradle seen in the picture above and close it , from here on you can either play regular laser tag head to head matches or battle another team. The real reason this set made this list is that it takes your game of laser tag to a whole other level of play by using your phone to augment your environment with interactive elements that you can shoot at such as aliens, so just like a video game but only better you can blast through the aliens as the phone display augments your environment and all you have to do is add a iPhone , iPod or android device that this laser tag iis designed to hold. Another cool feature is that you can add as much players as you want as long as they have matching blaster sets, you can keep track of score in matches, unlock features as well as weapons and even call in air strikes and so on. This Laser tag set made the list as it add video game like elements to the Game of laser tag which no other set has done before which add to the many ways you can have fun playing laser tag.

4.Wowwee Light Strike Assault Striker

laser tag guns

Don’t let the name of this set fool you the Wowwee Light Strike Assault Strikeris a laser tag in the truest sense and what I really love about it is that is has cool features such as a shield build in, various modes of fire, supports very cool tactical attachments that gives you a major advantage in battle although sold separately and drum roll please:it’s actually talks with cool voice narrations in a robotic voice for various modes that you put this blaster in.

You definitely will need to Buy some Cool Accessories with this Blaster to give you the edge as you play.

I really love this one and its great for those who want something different, you can choose your team based on color and this set comes in three distinct styles or models that all work together and you can get as much of them as you want and chain them together for very large team battles. Get this set if you want something different or unique than the normal that adds variety to your laser tag game play with various attachments that can turn the tide of battle in your favor.

5.Light Strike 2 Player Combo

laser tag guns

Saving the best of last we have the smaller version to the unit above and that’s the Light Strike 2 Player Combo which is just as capable but in a smaller form factor, they are light weight and comes with everything you need to start playing Laser tag out of the box, you can get another of these for a set of four that’s the max it can support though and the included light strike target vest which detects when you are hit or you hit another player is included which is cool along with a feature called skill challenges so those who are starting out or would like to sharpen their skills can practice with and as usual don’t forget to pick up batteries to power this great set, remember this set work well with smaller kids to teens or adults. Trust me when I say that these toys will not get outdated any time soon and kids will keep coming back to them as they have been around for years including the sets above which have been tried and tested.


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