Best Retro Laser Tag sets

If you are a bit of a retro Laser Tag Fan and the modern Style of Laser Tags are not your Fancy then you might be interested in some of the Best Retro Laser Tag sets. Believe it or not some classic sets are still on the market in limited quantity and there are even some new sets that keep true to the classic design philosophy.

You know what I mean, instead of building the sensor inside the blaster it’s a separate unit and the color scheme is like something straight out of the past. Well lucky you as you have stumbled across this list and I would like to show you some of the Best Retro Laser Tag sets that available that you can still purchase

Best Retro Laser Tag sets

Best Retro Laser Tag sets

1.Jakks – Laser Challenge Radar Extreme

This is as retro as you can get. There is only a limited supply of this classic still in stock but it’s not too late to get this set from Jakks. It’s a two player set with a firing range of 250 feet and you get audio feedback and a cool display. Plus it produces lights and interactive radar sounds and more. Not only does this looks authentic it’s also has a vest sensor that’s separate from the blaster.

Jakks - Laser Challenge Radar Extreme
List Price: $29.99
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2.Laser X 88016 Two Player Laser Gaming Set

Best Retro Laser Tag sets

This Laser Tag set is a modern Laser Tag unit but it subscribes to the retro design in look and feel. You can’t go wrong with this unit as its functional and simply works for old school Lase Tag fans as well as new comers. Read more about this set here.

If you still need other cool Laser tag sets be sure to check out these others offers that might be just what you are looking for.

3.Laser Tag Vest Set for 2

Best Retro Laser Tag sets

This set is from The Black Series and comes ready for two player action out the pack. what else could you ask for,this thing looks like it jumped straight out of the past and will be sure to please the true Laser Tag enthusiast. It’s perfect for ages 8 and up and produces lights and sounds.



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