Discovery kids Laser Tag

Discovery kids Laser Tag






The Discovery kids laser tag is a cool set of Laser Tags for kids that’s shaped like a spaceship which small kids will adore as they play and shoot at each other with these toys. They are well made and easy to understand which makes them ideal for your kids who will love them, you can trust me on this one.

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How to Operate the Discovery kids Laser Tag?

The switch to power on the Discovery Kids Spaceship Laser Tag is on the underside of the blaster and once turned on they will light up which makes them even more attractive. Once you power both blasters that are Green and red respectively you can aim them at each other  and hit the reset button on one device and the other will blink and give audio feedback in a cool sound effect and the LEDs will flash in a nice light up fashion.

You will need to repeat the procedure on the other device of aiming at it and hitting reset which will sync both laser tags together and they will blink in the same pattern.

Button Layout

There is a power on button on the bottom of the device. On the top there is a reset, reload and on the side of the handle bar on the underside of the blaster there is a red trigger button to the side for firing.

Discovery kids Laser Tag

When you get hit:

When you are playing the device keep lighting up and producing sounds and when you are hit the LED lights will go out and sounds will stop for a while indicating you are hit. If you keep firing you will eventually run out of bullets and will need to reload by hitting the reload button.

The blaster will fire five bullets or blasts before needing to reload and you can get hit up to six times before you loose or die.

This Laser Tag is ideal for small kids and is the Cheapest Laser Tag sets on the market that’s worth the cost.

Don’t get hit too many times!

If your opponents laser tag shoots and hits you too much your Discovery kids Laser Tag will light up and you will hear the sound of a space ship crash and burn which is a really nice sound effect.

After each time you get destroyed you must reset the laser tags with the reset button as mentioned above and do remember to hold the button down while aiming at the other blaster. Also its the person that wins that must reset the other person who has died in the game.

How is this Laser Tag Powered?

To power this Blaster you will need a total of 6 AAA batteries to power it. Also note that the set does not come with any batteries and you will need to pick up some with your order.

What age group is this for?

This toy is ideal for kids ages 6 and up for great clean and safe fun.


The Discovery kids Laser tag is a really neat toys that will appeal to kids as they have fun, they get cool light up effects and you also get awsome sounds that the kids will enjoy having fun with. They can have adventures in the house or outside and its easy to operate and learn how to use these Laser Tag blasters.

Its clean safe fun for the kids including Girls or even boys can have fun playing plus a set of these blasters are very cheap and you can get other sets for additional kids for more fun.

Why should you buy this Laser Tag?

  1. This Laser tag is very cheap.
  2. Its perfect for smaller kids to introduce them to Laser Tag.
  3. Is well made and has cool light and sound effects.


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