Dynasty Toys Capture The Flag Glow in the Dark Laser Tag Game

Dynasty Toys Capture The Flag Glow in the Dark Laser Tag Game

So Dynasty Toys has taken their Classic Laser tag gun and added capture the Flag elements with their Boundaries and team Flags. If you are familiar with capture the Flag then you are already good to go as you know hoe to already play.The added elements to this set is great as it takes the already fun Game of Laser tag and adds some new elements.

If you already own a set of Dynasty Laser Tags then this one should still work with that set easily which is the STEALTH PACK model T1507.

Whats inside the Package?

Inside this set you will get:

2 x Dynasty Toys Laser Tag Blasters

2 x Team “Flag” Cubes and

4 Team Boundary / Base Lights

Everything is pictured above.

Is this Kid safe?

seeing its called Laser Tag many parents become worried that the system may cause harm, rest assured that this is a certified child safe class 1 laser product with less than 1mW output (.0496mW). Which is very safe and will not cause any harm to kids or others in the environment.

What If I have old Dynasty Laser Tags?

The fun thing about this new and improved set is that while this unit has improved durability these are backward compatible with other sets that were sold in the past so no need to worry about that you can buy these with confidence.

Who is this for?

This toy is great for Kids as a Holiday, Birthday or other Gift. It’s ideal for smaller kids, Teens and even adults can join in on the fun as Laser Tag is a timeless classic that has been played by many year after year from the first time they cam into existence. You can use them indoors or outdoors and even at parties, family events, friends at the park and more.

Where to buy?

You can purchase your Laser Tag set below.

Laser Tag Meets Capture the Flag

Its a natural match made in heaven. Both capture the flag and Laser tag compliment each other and its easy to learn how to play with laser tag if you have ever played a Video Game with capture the Flag or otherwise. With both Games combined it takes the fun of Laser Tag that was already addictive to a whole other level of fun I though was not possible.

How to Play?

The Game is simple and you can even create your own rules later on. Divide into 2 teams of at least 1 player each or the more the better. You need a playing space the team flag of both teams with their colors which should match blaster color. The area should be marked out with the four boundaries. The flag should be placed at the back of the team territory. The team on offense will try to steal the team flag that’s on defiance and will alternate. The idea is to play as in real laser tag and attempt to tag the players. If you steal the other teams flag successfully you win.

You can score and track Games and modify the rules before Games to suit all the players agreed liking. The possibilities are endless. The included instructions should help too.



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