Fun Inexpensive Two-Player Set Electronic Laser Tag Set

Fun Inexpensive Two-Player Set Electronic Laser Tag Set


The Fun Inexpensive Two-Player Set Electronic Laser Tag Set is very similar in design and functionality to the Discovery kids Laser Tag which we did a review on recently.This laser tag is lightweight and will vibrate in your hands and produce cool sound effects.

You will have cool hit counter that lights up for keeping track of your game. This Lase tag is ideal for indoor or outdoor use. You can really have fun with the kids or as an entire family.

Keeping score


You will not have to keep track of how many times you have been hit or you have hit your opponent which is great as the Laser tag does everything for you.

You can take 6 hits before dying and the device of the loser will vibrate and give audio feedback in a song indicating that you have died. This really makes things simple and cool.

Vibration Feedback

Fun Inexpensive Two-Player Set Electronic Laser Tag Set

The Laser tag will vibrate when you are hit giving you feedback so you know whats going on at all times. Whenever you shoot at your target you will hear audible feedback which will give you a solid sensation as if you are firing for real.

They link up


The pack has in 2 laser tags. They work perfectly together, you can always get additional sets of the same design and they will link up with ease and you can have large team matches as the blasters will all work together.

How safe is this Toy?


This device is very safe as the Laser beams that are being emitted are harmless and is what makes the game of laser tag work as you shoot at your opponent and they get shot at in return.

This laser tag set is very compact and functional. It’s ideal for small kids and is a great way to introduce them to laser tag and promote them going out and having fun while keeping active. The entire family can join in on the fun right at home. While this set is great for what it is and the price there are better sets out there and would only recommend this for kids as a starter set.

You can check out our other reviews as we have a bunch of other Laser Tag guns if this one is not to your liking.

Why should you buy this Laser Tag?

  1. Its lightweight and portable making it ideal for kids.
  2. Great price.
  3. Has cool features and functionality.


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