How to Play Laser Tag?

Laser tag is a fun Game and its easy to learn how to play laser tag in no time at all as the rules are easy to learn and follow, the games you can play with laser tag include:

  • Capture the Flag
  • Elimination
  • Free for all

Capture the flag

How to play Laser Tag

In capture the Flag each team has a flag that’s usually marked with their team color or logo and the flag is mounted at each teams base. The aim of this game is to steal your enemies flag and return it to your home base to win the Game without being killed, if a player gets shot and dies with the flag they will have to drop it which will leave it up for grabs by either team in which case the opposing team may recapture and return it to their base.

When players die they will have to return to home base to start over, players can know when they got shot or die by looking at their laser tag gun which will indicate their life and vibrate when hit.



Elimination is another fun Game that you can play using Laser Tag the main aim of elimination is to shoot the enemy team more times than they shoot you. When enemies die they will have to go back to their base and wait until the other round or match starts. At the start of the game the aim is to avoid being shot and to eliminate the completion, you can duck for cover behind objects as part of you team strategy and use obstacles like houses and trees in the back yard, park or wherever you are playing. You want to advance from home base keep under cover and shoot your foes before they have a chance to shoot you with your friends or teammates giving support.

Free for All


In free for all matches its every man for him or herself and the last person standing or the one with the most points or kills will be the winner of this type of match, when done correctly this can be a fun type of match for all parties involved.

Bending the Rules

-While the above are the standard ways of playing they are not set in stone and you can modify the rules to suit both parties or teams as you like but this should be decided before the matches. You can even create your own style and rules of playing as the Game is very flexible and that includes the rules for respawning and wining a match as well.

You can learn more about Laser tag and what you need to get started here.


Important Tips to keep in mind


1. If your Laser tag is equipped with a scope use it to aim and increase accuracy.

2.Players from one team can only shoot players from the opposing team and most Laser tags have built in mode that indicate teams by color which you have to select before a match begins.

3. The blasters usually have an unlimited amount of shots but they need to be reloaded which is done by a handy button on the Laser tag. There are sometimes also different weapon modes with different effects and power depending on the features of your gun.

4. If you are reloading you can still be hit by other players so include this in your strategy.

5. When you are hit your life meter on your gun or sensor will deplete and when it is empty which is usually indicated by three LEDs you are dead.

6. Always have strategy that works best with team matches such as capture the flag or elimination.

7. Depending on the Game and the rules when you die you can respawn at your base as in capture the flag and others you will have to shit out until the next round as in Elimination.

8. A referee is not absolutely necessary but someone can be appointed to the position to make sure everything runs smooth with the Game. Although the guns do keep track of who got hit and remaining lives.

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