Kidzlane Laser Tag Set

Kidzlane Laser Tag Set


The Kidzlane Laser Tag Game set is the latest Laser tag blaster sets on the market right now. They are ideal for indoor and outdoor play for kids and even adults. They work together well as sets of two (2) or four and more. I really like this set it reminds me a lot of the set seen here that’s really similar in looks and features. These blasters have a more retro look in my opinion although it’s the color scheme that gives that feeling as they are new products.

Features of these Laser tag Guns:


These Laser tag blasters have four (4) separate Gun or firing modes that includes: Shotgun,Pistol,Rocket launcher and Submachine gun for you to choose from as you go up against your friends. Each firing modes offers varying advantages such as stopping power versus rapid fire.You can also customize your strategy based on these modes.

Kidzlane Laser Tag Set




The Laser tag guns produce really realistic sounds. You will also get vibration feedback and lights when you get hit by an opponent or you are just shooting at them. Plus these devices are very safe and only shoot invisible lasers that can be picked up by these blasters. The guns contain everything including the sensors so no need to wear any extra vest or taggers to know when you are hit.

Kidzlane Laser Tag Set

There is a dedicated button for reloading to make things realistic and the blasters light up for effect . This is a really nice system.

Team Play


There are a total of four Team modes namely: Red,White, Green and Blue with each team of multiple members choosing their team colors. The blasters will light up in the appropriate color. Team members of opposing team can then shoot each other.

There is no limit to the size of teams. You only need enough blasters for ever one to play so be sure to pick up enough of them.

Who is this for?


This toy is great for Kids ages 8 Years old and over. This includes adults and even entire familes and friend. Laser tag is a fun Game for every one to enjoy.

In case this unit is out of stock as its new, here is a very similar and in my opinion proven and tested Laser Tag with the same features that you can get here.

How are these devices Powered?


You will need 8 AA batteries for each set of two blasters which mean that one uses four (4) batteries and those are not included so be sure to pick up a set for your blasters.

Range of these Laser Tag blasters?


These Blasters have a range of 130 feet, this should be more than enough for indoor or outdoor play.

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