Laser Tag Set for Kids

Laser Tag Set for Kids

When Playing laser tag you can’t forget to include the kids into the action and today’s Laser tag set for kids is a great designed unit and one of my favorites as it one of the best units on the market today. Now while it marketed as for kids do not be fooled as it can work for any age including kids teens and even adults to have fun with in a very exciting Game of Laser Tag.

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Features of the Laser Tag Set for Kids Multiplayer 4 Pack

This Laser Tag Set for Kids is great as it comes in a set of four (4) which means more than enough Laser Tags for every one to start playing right out of the box. Other features of this laser tag gun include:

  1. An impressive 130 feet shooting range.
  2. Multiple team based settings.
  3. Each team has their own color codes which includes: Red, Green, White and Blue.
  4. Each Laser tag can set to various firing modes with different levels of power.
  5. They are well designed and look really good.


What Age group is this Laser Tag set Meant for?


This set is great for kids in the age Range of 8 years and up and it also works great for those who are adults and teens and that includes other members of the Family as well if you want to Play with Friends or the Family.

How to use this Laser Tag set?

Laser Tag Set for Kids

It’s a simple matter of loading these with Batteries right outside the box which is not included in the box and locating the power button indicated on the diagram above with the other buttons and features and they power on with a great sound effect. All these Laser tags will start on the default team setting of Blue Team and it will be up to you to change them especially when playing larger team matches involving four (4) or more players, you can actually get additional packs of this blaster and they will work together as long as they are the same branded set as seen here.

Life Status

Next to the handle grip just at the top you will find the life indicators or ststus that are basically three lights when you get shot they will decrease until they are all off which indicates you are out or dead.  There is also a button dedicated to changing weapons or the team select button which will change the color of the indicator which is in Blue normally to another team color, teams of the same color cannot shoot each other unless they are on opposing color teams .When a team member dies their Team color lights will flash repeatedly clearly indicating they are out of the Game.

This is the Best modern Laser Tag that Money can Buy for Kids that has all the latest features and looks really good.

These Laser tag guns have a very firm grip and they are light weight which means they are ideal for smaller kids but can also work wonderfully even for larger kids.The entire family could also have great fun at home playing with a set of these around the yard or in the house as they can work outdoor or inside the house.

Different Weapons Modes

You can choose from various weapons which all have a different sound effect when shot and also the power of each at reducing the life status will also change along with reload times to makes things fair. When you run out of Ammo be sure to hit the reload button to easily and quickly automatically reload your weapon. Various firing modes includes the Pistol and Grenade launcher which is sure to add some fun to the Game.

Why should You get this Laser Tag Gun?

  1. It’s very easy to understand and operate.
  2. Looks really Good in terms of design.
  3. Has various firing modes and easy to use features.
  4. Supports multiple Laser Tag set link up for multiplayer.

General buyers tips

If you are looking for the best Laser tag set these units are near perfect and they give everything you could possibly want in a Laser Tag set.

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