Laser Tag Star Wars Birthday Party Set with 8 Character Masks

Laser Tag Star Wars Birthday Party Set with 8 Character Masks





The Laser Tag Star Wars Birthday Party Set with 8 Character Masks is the ultimate Laser Tag set that features both Laser Tags and Star Wars together. It’s ideal for Birthday Parties and can also work for regular play. So you don’t only need these for a party they can work just fine for regular play as well. Best of all you can have the best game of Star Wars possible that’s really realistic with Laser tag blasters and your favorite characters.

What in this set?

This set contains six (6) Laser tag blasters which are the same great units reviewed here.The Laser tags comes in the colors of Blue and White. You will get three (3) Blue and three (3) white.

Laser Tag Star Wars Birthday Party Set with 8 Character Masks

Also contained in this set is eight (8) Star wars Masks. The masks are 2 x Kylo Ren, 2 x Chewbacca, 2 x Storm Trooper and 2 x BB-8 which totals to eight seeing you get two of each. 

Seeing there are eight (8) masks and only six (6) blasters you may need to pick up another two blasters here so extra kids don’t fell left out.Don’t worry these blasters pair well together and will work fine.

The Masks are really nice and makes each child looks like the Star Wars character they are depicting which is great for their immersion into play. They will have lots of fun playing outside the house. They can also get really creative with Game play which is why Kids will come back to Laser Tags over and over again especially when its combines with Star Wars a kids favorite movie and series.

How can I Use this Star Wars Laser Tag set?

Well in case you are thinking how you can use this great set for kids then you have a number of possible playing options. These are Perfect for Laser Tag Teams and Parties. You can go up against friends one on one or form teams and fight against other rival teams just like in Star Wars.So you can have the light and dark side of the force doing battle. The Blasters will keep score and track which characters are hit and which ones are out of the game.

It’s perfect for play at home indoor or outdoors. This set is also similar to this one seen here. I prefer this one though as kids will tend to have more fun with this set. If you want to learn more about how to play with Laser tag Guns check out this article here or you can simply have fun making up your own games.

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Why get this set?

  1. Perfect for Kids parties.
  2. Can be used over and over again even after the party.
  3. Really fun toy that doubles as a gift.
  4. Promotes team work and coordination.
  5. Really fun kids will not want to put them down.

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