LASER X Laser Gaming Set


The Laser X is a Laser tag gaming system that’s works just like any traditional Laser tag that featured on this website. This Laser tag comes in single or two player sets, I highly recommend you get the two (2) player set as kids will have more fun when two or more players are engaged in a game.This way they can bring home the fun of Laser Tag and play as much as they want with friends.

Laser X blaster

The Laser X blaster has a blast level indicator which indicates how many blast you have left until you need to reload which is found on the top left or towards the back of the blaster.You also get beautiful led color lights on the sides that makes this toy really attractive to look at.  There is even voice feedback or interactive voice.

You can enjoy this Laser tag as a team or you can have fun with individual play. You can even plug in a pair of headphones and get a very cool laser tag sound track to really get into battle mode.You can choose to be on : red, Blue or neutral team.The blasters are white and grey with red accents on the side along with the Laser X branding. When holding the blaster the shorter end point forward and the longer end points towards to the body. The design allows for a firm grip.


The Receiver vest

The receiver vest is a sensor that allows the LASER X Laser Gaming Set to pick up when you or another team has been hit. To power this set you will need 6 Tripple AAA batteries and the blasters can reach up to 200 feet in ideal situations.

The vest or sensor itself can be strapped on easily and it directly connects to the Laser X blaster by a connecting cable. You also get a cool stretchy strap to affix the receiver to your body.

Installing the batteries

The batteries which are AAA batteries go into the blaster itself. You will need a screwdriver to remove the screw that holds the compartment closed. When the batteries go in you can close the cover and screw the compartment shut once more. Also note you do not get batteries with this set so pick up some AAA batteries.

Configuring the Blaster

The blaster comes with instructions that you can read to know how to configure the Laser X laser tag set. You can control which color team weather: red,blue or neutral and this is controlled from the receiver vest. To play against some one either teammate must be on opposing teams such as red and blue.Matching colours such as blue and blue are on the same team.

Don’t forget Cheap and Affordable Batteries as these sets do not come with any to get started. I recommend a set of rechargeable batteries.

The Laser X blaster will light up to the front in the color team you have selected and the other team can easily tell which team you are on as it shows on the front of the device. The recover will also blink in a strobe like green light on each receiver. Each blaster can only take eight (8) hits and you are automatically out so bear that in mind as you shoot at an opponent or get hit yourself. When any teammate is out they will need to turn off their reliever vest and re-select their team in order to start a new game. To load the blaster press and hold trigger for 2 seconds and then shake the blaster down and up. The led on the back will light up indicating you have reloaded, when you fire  a shot the indicator on the back will blink after a while and indicating how many shots you have left . The audio will also prompt you to get moving and go. The vest color will change color each time you get hit. The blaster will tell you how many hits you have left and when its your last hit by voice effects while the sensor glows red. The blaster has 10 shots after every reload so bear that in mind.

Built in Music

To enjoy the built-in music you need to connect a standard headphone to the receiver of the blaster. It sounds allot like action music you would normally hear during a movie or game which builds excitement. You are still able to hear sound effects and beeps while you have your headphone connected.The Music is optional and you don’t have to listen to it if you don’t want to.

Quick pointers:

1.Make sure receiver vest is not covered and always visible.

2. Never set receiver vest during game play.

3.The laser from this device is not an actual laser but an infrared beam that’s very safe.

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This is a really great product that is worth every penny and the kids will Love it too. You can get your below.

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