LaserPro TagTag Laser Tag Blaster Gun

LaserPro TagTag Laser Tag Blaster Gun





Meet the LaserPro TagTag Laser Tag Blaster Gun which is a classic Laser Tag blaster through and through. This is a new product on the market which intends to make its mark in the Laser Tag space. If you have ever used a Laser Tag Blaster you should be familiar with this one.

The Blaster

The Blaster itself has a very simplistic design you will not find any fancy paint job or stickers here. But what you do get is a tough product that’s made from robust polypropylene. So it wont break easy when you have it in action which is a must for any good laser Tag Gun you can find on the Market.

It has a two compartment hand grip for a firm hold and a comfortable trigger and a highlighted front in red for visibility. There are Seven (7) built-in infrared hit sensors so that it can detect when you are hit for very high accuracy and when outdoor with clear line of sight without any interference you can get up too 200 feet or so of range. Also the same technology and care that goes into arena Laser Tag has been put into these. They are designed from the ground up for performance.


1. Same High-quality electronics as used in arena laser tag.
2.Seven (7) built-in infrared hit sensors for high accuracy.
3. Tough,Durable and robust polypropylene body design.
4.Shooting range of up to up to 200 feet.
5.Autonomous mode for 24 hours use tested with Li-ion batteries.

Who is this For?

This product is great for Kids or adults and is a fun way to have fun with the Game of Laser Tag.Its great as a gift for any occasion at any time of the year especially in Christmas.

This is a new Laser tag and very little is known about it but you can always give it a try as it looks like a very promising blaster that can be added to the already growing list of Great Laser tags that already exists.

Where to Buy?

You can purchase your LaserPro TagTag Laser Tag Blaster Gun below and don’t forget to get batteries along with your purchase.


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