Lazer M.A.D. 2.0 Battle Set

Lazer M.A.D. 2.0 Battle Set


I simply Love Laser Tags and there are quite a few sets out there. Introducing the Lazer M.A.D. 2.0 Battle Set which is a complete set that’s ready for two player action. The set come with two (2) laser tag Guns and a set of glasses that acts as a heads up display of sorts for the players. The Glasses also look super cool and is one of the features that sets this set apart from the rest.

The LED display

The LED display will give you real-time feedback and help you in tracking your game. You can do things such as tell when you are being targeted by opponents and when you get shot or hit by the other team in combat. You will also have an overall life points and each time you get hit they will deplete. Be careful though as when they completely deplete the Lazer M.A.D. 2.0 Battle Set will shut down. The opponent will win and the match and your blaster will need to be restarted which will restart the match restoring your life point indicator.

Firing Modes

You will have several firing modes and you can customize your blasters to whats needed. For example you can use handgun mode in which you fire single shots to shotgun mode for a wider blast radius to use depending on what the situation calls for.

Whats the Function the cool Looking Glasses?

The cool glasses or goggles are actually sensors as you may notice the antenna like thing on them. These help in telling you if you have been hit or keep track of whats going on. The Laser tag guns themselves emit harmless laser beams. When either Laser tag is hit by said beam the blaster registers a hit.

Be sure to stock up on extra batteries as you are going to need them, I suggest for a better value you get a set of rechargeable batteries.

Where can I use this?

You can use this Laser tag indoors or outdoors at home or the park. They work either night or day.Its a great toy for the boys or girls to have fun at home, heck the entire family can have a blast playing with these cool toys.


Do note these Laser tags are OK but they are far from perfect and its either hit or miss with a set of these. In my opinion your money would be better spent on a reliable set of laser tags such as these here. If you still like these and want to go ahead and get a set they do have their merits as kids can really have a great time with them day after day as they are really flexible toys.Kids will come back them day after day as with any other laser tag set.

Why should you buy these?

1.They Look cool.

2. Includes Great looking Goggles.

3. Works great if you get a functional unit.

Why you may want to skip this one?

  1. This model can be very unreliable and delicate.


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