Lazer Tag Team Ops

Lazer Tag Team Ops

The Lazer Tag Team Ops blaster is a great Laser tag gun set that comes with a pair of headsets that features two-way communication and a Heads up display or HUD for short in a cool goggles or eye wear format that unique and easily distinguishable in laser tag battles although a bit retro.

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How are they Powered?


The Lazer Tag Team Ops Deluxe 2-Player System needs a total of 6 AA batteries that are not included to power them for a total of 12 between two taggers and in this regard as with all other laser tag sets I suggest that you get a set of rechargeable batteries to power these and to save in the long-term.

Whats inside the Pack?

The box includes two taggers for the 2 player set, instructions,stickers, connector cables for the HUD and the HUD units that look like glasses.

Who is this for?

This laser tag set is ideal for Kids ages 8 and older and that also includes teens and adults as well who enjoy playing Laser tag.

How does the Laser Tag and HUD Work?

To get started you will need at least two laser tag team ops blasters and a friend, you will need additional blasters for more players that are the same type and that’s it. Once you are geared up with your HUD on and Laser tag in hand you simply need a place either in the house or outside will work once you have space for play.

Lazer Tag Team Ops

The Hud will display a locked on icon when an enemy or other player is detected and you can begin shooting using your laser tag to get your rival, everything is done within the blasters and it’s totally safe as hits are recorded by the Laser tags.

You can play fun and easy Game styles such as last man standing, king of the hill and much more or you can simply make up your own games with your friends.

Features of the Heads up Display (HUD)

The HUD is a fun addition to Laser tag and replaces the usual vest as it can detect when your enemies are close giving you audio and visual cues,track when you are hit for easy and hassle free game play tracking and my favorite it tells when you have locked on to your target for more accurate firing.  best of all you can design your strategy and enhance your combat ability using the HUD but be aware your enemies have the same advantage.

Also note that the HUD that look like a pair of sunglasses are optional and you don’t have to use them if you don’t want to.

The Laser Tag Gun

The blaster that in this set has a small LCD that gives you read out and keeps track of the match including score and contacting and coordinating with your team. There are a set of 11 game modes and you can learn more in the instructions or as mention you can design your own games.

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Although this is an older style laser tag set and I would highly recommend you check out the newer modern models here, this is still a very nice Laser tagger that great for fun and play and developing kids ability to work as a group and use strategy.

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