Legacy Toys Laser Tag Blaster and Nano Bug Target Set

Legacy Toys Laser Tag Blaster and Nano Bug Target Set

The Legacy Toys Laser Tag Blaster and Nano Bug Target Set is a Laser Tag Gun set that’s meant for solo play or to sharpen ones laser tag skills. It’s the only Laser tag blaster of its kind if you can get a hand on one. It comes highly rated and with good reason too as you can have some fun times with this set.

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Whats in the Package?

Inside this package which comes sealed up nicely in a carrying case you will find: The Electronic Nano Bug and the Laser Tag blaster neatly package just for you.

Legacy Toys Laser Tag Blaster and Nano Bug Target Set

How does it work?

If you have ever played Laser tag the process is the same here with one exception, instead of playing with another person you will substitute the Nano Bug which is really fun to play with. The Bug will crawl about and you will need to take aim and hit it. You will know when you hit your target as it will flip over. No need to flip it over again though as it will automatically flip itself back over much like a real live bug would and continue moving ahead.

The fun thing too is that this set will work with any Legacy Toys Laser tag blasters so you can get additional blasters and Bugs to play with your friends and create new Laser tag Games never seen before of your own making.

How far away can you be to shoot the Nano Bug?

The Nano Bug and laser tag work well together and depending on your environment and obstacles things might change a bit but you can shoot the Bug from about 30 feet away.

Don’t like the Laser Tag set shown here with the Nano Bug or is it out of stock? Well here is the original Laser tag blaster set that you can buy here.

Do I need Batteries?

Yes you will need batteries for the Laser Tag gun that you will need to pick up separately so add that to your order. You will needfour (4) double A batteries (AA). As for the Nano Bug or spider that has its own built-in battery and can be charged.

Can these Laser Tag guns Work as Regular Laser Tags?

Yes believe it or not this set has a real Laser tag gun and it will work with other Laser Tag guns of the same type so you can actually get others.

Should I get this Laser Tag set?

Yes most definitely its a fascinating device that will captive and keep kids interested as well as adults. Its lots of fun and makes for a perfect gift. Best of all it does not get old fast and kids will keep on coming back to it month after month to play with these cool toys. So you should definitely get one.



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