Light Strike 2 Player Combo (WowWee STRIKER D.C.P.-013)

Light Strike 2 Player Combo

The Light Strike 2 Player Combo is the little brother of the much Larger Wowwee Light Strike Assault Striker seen here. Despite this its just as capable. These Laser tag guns produce lights as well as interactive sounds that makes them much more fun to play with. The set seen here features 2 Light Strike blasters and two (2) sensors for detecting when you get hit. I like these as they are like the older school devices were the sensor is separate from the blaster itself.This model is the Striker D.C.P.-013.



This device is exactly like the larger version we mentioned above and mainly differs in size. You have Built in Skill challenges to hone and perfect your skills so you can be at your best when you take on your rivals. These are also expandable up to four(4) different teams which mean you can have others join in on the fun for large team matches. Each of the four teams has a set color and you can chain a bunch of these blasters together for an almost unlimited team matches, but you will need extra blasters for that.

Light Strike 2 Player Combo

You can get additional blasters and accessories for your Laser tag as you wish to enhance game play.

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How are these devices Powered?


These Laser tags take a combination of AA and AAA batteries so be sure to get some with your order. I recommend rechargeable ones as kids like to play with these Laser tags allot. The Blasters use Four (4) AAA batteries while the Sensors take three (3) AAA batteries.

How durable are they?

These toys are really durable and will last kids for years. You can have them as birthday gifts or for parties that you need to entertain kids. The whole family can join in on the fun. These Laser tag guns will beat all others toys hands down, kids will come back to them time and time again for some serious fun.

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You can pick up yours below as a set or as a single unit. I recommend you get the set as it’s a greater value and don’t forget those extra batteries.

One thought on “Light Strike 2 Player Combo (WowWee STRIKER D.C.P.-013)

  1. Melinda

    Is it true the manufacture discontinued making these toys? It has become unavailable at most store, it’s no longer on the Wowwee website, and rumor has it, the Light Strike toy line has ended. That would be sad news indeed.

    1. Ricardo Post author

      While they might not be listed any more a few sellers still have stock and the Larger version to this one can be found easily if you know where to look. If this continues they will become quite the collectors item as they are one of the best Laser Tag sets that you can still in use.

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