Light Strike

Light Strike

The Light Strike is the ultimate Laser tag that you can own right now that comes highly rated and is filled with innovative features for the best Game of Laser tag that you can play with your friends and each blaster comes in three (3) main styles and has a variety of accessories that you can attach to increase your combat abilities and give you a solid advantage in battle over your enemies. 

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Wowwee Light Strike


The Wowwee Light Strike is nice and thin and fits in the hands perfectly and can be used indoor or outdoors as you choose. The buttons are well placed and very responsive when touched. The button on top powers up this Laser tag gun and as it powers on you get a really nice light show that is shown by the flashing LED’s on the sides and on the clip of the blaster which is really nice to look at. When its dark out the colors really shine through and looks even better than in the day. I really love the Audio feedback that narrated by a cool sounding voice which gives voice guided commands such as indicating that you have to place your finger on the appropriate finger scanner before first using the laser tag gun. It will also give feedback after performing the required action such as verifying your finger print which is cool although it does not really scan your fingerprint its a cool feature that makes you feel as if the blaster is actually interacting with you.

Light Strike

These are the larger blasters and their is actually a mini tagger that’s a smaller version of these that are also good and you can check those out as well but these are the better version as they are more feature rich and the smaller versions do work with there larger counterparts shown here.

Team Play


There are four (4) different teams that you can choose to be a part of and they are color coded for easily distinguishing between players. The Blasters default to blue team when turned on but you can switch to any of the other three (3) teams and once your friends have other blasters from this series all they have to do is choose the same color to be on the same team or an opposing color to be your rival and they are good to go. To change teams and colors to match simply press the team select button which can be found just above the trigger and back a bit, each press will cause the blaster to cycle to a different team colors of: Green, Blue, Red and yellow.

This Laser Tag is easily one of the Top 5 Laser Tags that you can “Get Right Now!”.

To play against another player or group you will need to be on opposing teams and all they need is another blaster as yours or from this exact series that can link up with several blasters for large team based matches. So be sure to pick up enough of these so that everyone can get in on the action whether indoor or outdoor such as the park or the backyard the kids or even adults can have lots of fun as they build strong team bonds, you can even have friends join in on the action as well.

Who Shooting at me?

Light Strike


A really nice thing that I like about these blasters is that if you are being shot at you can always know whose shooting at you at any given time as the front of the blaster will flash in the color of the team that just shot you even if you did not see them which is another pointer to bear in mind as you play.

This Laser Tag comes in 3 distinct styles, you can get all 3 styles or multiples of them for team matches .

Weapons select


Within the same area as the the Team button of the light strike you will also have the weapons select button. You can go for modes such as stealth strike for a sneak attack that makes as little noise as possible and you skillfully beat your foes and a number of other modes that adjust the rate and power of the blaster to different modes that match your play style and immediate strategy that you are employing at the time. The further you go down the list of firing modes the more powerful the weapons and you get audio feedback all the way through which is a very cool feature but the more powerful the weapon the slower the firing rate which is something you need to keep in mind and incorporate into your strategy.  You can even select your rate of fire between rapid fire modes or more conservative modes such as single fire that will fire your blasts more sparingly.

Light Strike

Life Gage


The life Gage is shown on the back of the blaster and is shown by three (3) LED’s that decease at varying rates as you get hit, the more powerful the blast the faster you will lose life and eventually the Gage will hits zero, when you life is running low you will also receive a warning from the blaster. Your opponents can hit you from any side as the sensor is inside the light strike blaster. The only side the enemy cant hit you from is the back but any other angle is fair play.

When you are out of the game the Light strike blaster will flash in multiple colors and indicating you are out of the game. If you try to fire still you will be unable to and is a nice way of keep track of the game and who is out easily. To reset a blaster after you are out you simply need to hold the shield button and press the trigger to reset the blaster and everything is restored including life and ammo.



When you fire a light strike blaster enough you will notice that the clip shows a decreasing LED to indicate your Ammo that’s depleting, eventually it will run out and the laser tag blaster will indicate by audio feedback that Ammo is empty and all you have to do is hit the bottom of the clip and you will get a cool and satisfying reload effect which is cool.

Shield Button


Another of my favorite features is the shield button that offers all players temporary partial invulnerability to damage and lasts only 15 seconds before its depleted, a small time frame I know but if used well it can give you a great advantage, also it does not make you totally invincible but reduces damage you may take considerably, the laser tag will pulse when the shield is active and when finished the nice voice will indicate that shield is offline. The down time for shields is 3 minutes before you can use them again so do bear that in mind as you play.

Types of blasters


As you can see below you have three (3) main styled blasters of the same size that can work together, they have various cool voices effects that varies to the blaster and you can get any one you want or multiples of each:

Or you simply can simply skip that and get the starter pack that has all three (3) blasters at once or several packs of them if you want as they do work together flawlessly in any combination even for large team matches.

Get a Great Starter Light Strike Pack

Why buy individual blasters such as the one above get the entire set as a pack of three (3) and add others if you need additional blasters:

Range of Blasters


The blasters have a good range and the ranges will change at which these can hit a target depending on weather its night or day. During the day you will get about 80 feet and at night which is were they perform best you get about 100 feet or over and if you are playing in direct sunlight the efficiency will be reduced a bit. They are super accurate which is good and why I really like these along with the abundance of features you also get cool voice feedback which is just awesome.



You can actually get lots of cool accessories to add to your blasters or cool things such as targets for capture the flag battles which are cool sensors that you can pick up that turn the color of the team that tags them and is fun as you can incorporate them into team play for more fun styles of play. You can learn how to play here. As you play capture the flag, death match, secure the base or any other creative styled matches you care to formulate.

Other cool Accessories:


I highly recommend you Buy Rechargeable Batteries to power your blaster to save money and do remember this unit does not come with Batteries .

Also remember to pick up batteries for these packs as each unit uses 4 double AA batteries which powers each blaster and to start having fun right away I suggest you get a few packs or a set of rechargeable batteries.



Wowwee has created a great laser tag that’s one of the best that you can get for the money as it worth every penny, plus you will have tons of fun that wont end any time soon making these light strikes a sound investment for kids or adults. Think of the fun you can have at home with one of these laser tag  sets. It simply cannot be beat so do check out any of the sets that’s featured here as its well worth your time and money and these blasters are suitable for all ages for some good clean Laser tag fun.

Why you should buy this Laser Tag Gun?


  1. Great design and Layout.
  2. Cool Audio feedback
  3. Filled with cool features and modes of fire.
  4. Easy Team selection and ability to chain a few Laser tag sets together for Team matches.
  5. Three (3) different styled blasters for offering variety.

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