Multiplayer Extreme Infrared Laser Tag Game Set

Multiplayer Extreme Infrared Laser Tag Game Set

A new Laser Tag set has hit the market from Liberty Imports and is called Multiplayer Extreme Infrared Laser Tag Game Set. It’s a nice set of Four (4) Blasters with carrying case. The blasters or Laser tag guns come in four distinctive colors of Green,White,Orange and Blue.

You can switch between various color schemes Led based on the team you are on. Blasters also have various firing modes such as Pistol, Rifle, Machine Gun , rocket which can be switched with the press of a button with the weapons button. It also like most typical Laser tag has interactive sounds a lights with each firing mode having a matching distinctive firing sound.

Match Styles

You can go for 1 on 1 battles 4 way or Team matches and you can link multiple sets together from this series to play easy. You can also create your own Rules or play classic matches you decide.

Do you need a Vest?

No vest required as sensors are built right into the Blaster. These are modern Laser Tags that work like the classic but with improved technology.

Whats the Range on these?

With clear line of sight indoor or outdoor you should be able to get a max of 132 feet or 40 meters easy which is ideal for playing with friends at parties, the park or the backyard. These are also safe for kids to play with as they have very little emissions as it’s a class 1 laser toy.

Where to Buy?

Get yours below:

I like the design of these blasters and they have a solid and good-looking design. They don’t bring anything new to the tablet but for a set of 4 they do have a good priced seeing this is new set that’s to be expected but only time will tell.So what are you waiting for get your Space Blaster Laser tag now.

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