Nerf Lazer Tag Phoenix LTX Tagger 2-pack

Nerf Lazer Tag Phoenix LTX Tagger 2-pack

Out Of all the Laser tag guns that are out there on the market one of my favorites is the Nerf Lazer tag Phoenix LTX tagger 2-pack which is a greatly design set.Among the many attractive features you also get recoil feedback which gives the sensation that your are actually shooting at your target which adds to the realism of a Laser Tag Game and is one thing that puts this set apart from the all the others I have encountered.

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Whats in the Box?

In the pack you will get two (2) Laser Tag blasters, paperwork and that’s about it although thats all you will need to start playing a basic match, the only thing that’s not included is batteries so it’s a good idea to pick up a value pack of batteries separately so that you can start enjoying your Laser tag set right away.

Nerf Lazer Tag Phoenix LTX Tagger 2-pack

What Age group would you recommend this for?

Laser tag is a very flexible game and I would recommend this set for kids as young as 8 years and older and that also includes teens and even adults to play with. Playing Laser tag can be a fun Family affair the whole family can enjoy.


When you take aim and fire at another Laser tag gun you will get audio feedback in the sound of a laser. You can also see depending on which of the Nerf Lazer Tag Phoenix LTX Tagger you pick up the blaster will also give great recoil feedback as mentioned earlier that gives the sensation that it’s actually firing. You can also see the amount of shots you have remaining so that you can account for this into your strategy instead of firing wildly without knowing how many shots remain before you need to reload which is cool. Each time you fire as the shots remaining goes down you can also see the light in the back light up as you feel the feedback of the recoil from the laser tag.

Don’t forget Cheap and Affordable Batteries as these sets do not come with any to get started.

Also in case you are wondering about range the manufacturer claims a 300 feet range, but from testing users have achieved a very nice 200-250 feet without issue in real world conditions which is still great range and more than enough distance between Blasters.The sensors are also built within the Laser tag and does not require any additional Equipment for play like some older sets where the sensors are separate which is great for you.


Reload Mechanism

Build into this Laser tag set is a reload mechanism that after you have emptied all the shots in your clip the Phoenix LTX makes a distinctive sound to indicate that you need to reload and at this time will not fire,at this point all you will need to do is hit the thumb switch and in a while a section of the handle ejects or the ammo clip and requires that the Laser tag player manually place the clip back in place which can be done with a solid stamping of the hands or by pressing the clip back in which is cool as it gives you the sense of reloading and is something that’s not seen often on  Laser Tag guns.That’s it and reloading is complete and you don’t have to wait until the clip is empty to reload you can do it whenever you need to which is convenient.

Reloading also takes no delayed time and the faster you can pull the actions off the faster the blaster will reload.

Audio Feeback

Another cool feature is that when you life is depleted the Nerf Lazer Tag Phoenix LTX Tagger 2-pack will give audible feedback to indicate that you are out of amo.

Shields and defensive features

The shield button can be pressed and use to shield you from blasts for ten (10) seconds, this is cool as during this time you are invulnerable to attack from the enemy. You can know the shield is activated as the light at the back of the laser tag will glow green and the ammo counter will also light up and you will be unable to fire,you can however quit this mode at any time before the ten seconds is up and return to firing.After disabling shields there is a short delay time before you can activate it again.

Team Selection

Team selection is a simple by pressing the power on button and selecting which team you are on whether Team one (1) or team two (2) after that you are good to go, you can even link up or combine multiple Laser tag sets if you want as long as they are the same type and brand.

The 2 Player set only comes with blasters for 2, Buy Additional Blasters that work with this set so additional players can join in.

The main model featured above which is the Nerf Lazer Tag Phoenix LTX Tagger 2-pack is a great model laser tag that you can’t go wrong with and one that I highly recommenced. It’s easy to operate and learn to play and you can jump from unboxing to a great game at home in the backyard in a few minutes plus the price is very good for the starter set of 2 blasters.

Why you should Buy this Laser Tag?

  1. Great price.
  2. Easy to learn how to operate and start playing.
  3. Comes highly rated among Lasernerf lazer tag phoenix ltx tagger 2-pack Tag enthusiasts.
  4. Great Audio Feedback feature.
  5. Recoil feedback with reload action for realism.



Alternative Model with Optional Features:

Above is the newer model which we recommenced that you get that’s made by Nerf but in case you want the older model that was formerly made by Hasbro which some argue had a more robust and in dept features, see below for what it looks like and what the difference of this model.

alternative model

Firing Modes and features:

  1. Shot Blast : for the model with the pump handles in the front to load the shot Blast simply pump the handle and a distinctive sound will be heard, this indicates that the shot blast shot is loaded. The shot blast is an attachment and when removed the Laser tag becomes a regular standard blaster, note that the normal blaster is not sold with this attachment and you may not have it by default unless its the set shown here. This attachment results in greater damage to the target especially if it makes a direct hit.
  2. Pin point Sight: This is a built on scope that’s on the model shown and allows for greater accuracy when firing, It to is easily removable and is powered the Phoenix blaster.
  3. Other features: indoor or outdoor mode selector for varying levels of sensitivity based on where you are playing.
  4. Includes a TV Video Game attachment for added fun using your television set you can enjoy a combat laser tag game on the Television.







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