Nerf Lazer Tag

nerf lazer tag

The Nerf Lazer tag is some of the best laser tags that you can buy on the market as they have created various top of the line laser Guns one such unit is the:Nerf Lazer Tag Blasters Orange & White Team Pack Gift Set Bundle – 4 Pack  which as the name suggests is a set of four (4) units which is ideal for group or team play as you can buy them as single units or sets of 2 or more which means if needs be you can add a few more to have great team matches. 

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Augmented Reality

nerf lazer tag

What really set this Laser tag gun set apart is the fact that it works along with your smartphone to give you a fun and interactive Game of Laser tag with Augmented reality elements. For this feature to work though you will need to connect your iPhone or iPod and have the accompanying app installed, after connecting it to the Laser tag set in the attached cradle seen here you are ready to go, from here you can play by yourself for the first time or have team matches where you go up against your friends in various modes of play.

With augmented reality added what Nerf has done is essentially fused video games elements  with Laser tag which is pretty cool. You can play: Single Player, Multiplayer, Check your Armory where you can collect and get more powerful weapons or connect to My Lazer tag.

When you begin to play with your phone attached it becomes a view finder which augments your reality with cool effects such as the ability to actually see the laser shots being fired along with the cool explosion effects.

Solo Mode

Allows you to fight waves of aliens in an interactive and fun game that places them in your immediate environment and makes things more like a video game.


Allows you to link up several blasters and fight against your friends in team matches as in traditional Laser tag.

As you play more you can earn points which allows you to unlock cool blasters and features in the accompanying app which can be used in your Game.

nerf lazer tag

How many Players can you have?

This Laser tag set is ideal for group or team matches as you simply select your team such as team 1, 2 or 3 and that’s it once you have two or more Laser tag guns you can have fun as a group, they also chain or link up well with other sets and the best thing is that this particular unit you can buy them as a single unit or as sets so you can always buy more and have larger team matches with several players.

Finally if you want there is a single player mode but it requires you attach a iPhone or iPod to play that particular mode.

Do I need to attach a Smartphone?

For some of the features such as Augmented reality a iPhone is needed but the Lazer tag sets seen here will work just fine without a smartphone which makes them very flexible. Using the phones with this set is simply a fun extra feature that’s optional.

Will this Work with Android?

No unfortunately it does not work with Android, then again it ultimately does not need a phone and can work like regular Laser tag guns.

Which iPhone are supported?

The attached cradle fits the iPhone 4, iPhone 4S and iPhone 3GS but again the phone is not necessary and you can get this set and use it like a standard Laser tag.

Who is this for?

For kids ages 9 and older or even adults and Families and friends to play and enjoy themselves it is great for Home use,camping, family get togethers or events with large groups of people or kids. It’s both fun and gets everyone active and interacting especially children who can’t get enough of it.

Whats needed?

nerf lazer tag

You will need 6 AA batteries to power each unit and the package comes with your Laser tag gun, cradle for your phone and instructions on how to use the device. You will need to use your own iPhone or iPod but don’t worry if you don’t own a iPhone as was mentioned earlier this Nerf Lazer tag is built to work just fine without a phone as a traditional Laser tag.

Will this Lazer Tag charge my Phone?

No it will not charge your phone and you will need to make sure it fully charged or has enough power before attempting to play, your phone is also well secured inside the cradle to prevent accidental drops.



I really like this Laser tag set as it brings to the Game of Laser tag a whole new element to what was an already fun Game. Also you are not forced to used the new Augmented reality feature of this set as you can use this laser tag as normal if you like which is nice, another thing I like is that you can choose any amount of these to get started with from one to a whole set which means you can start simple and then move from there if you want. This laser tag gun is nothing short of Amassing and once you get one in hand you will see what I mean exactly.

Why should you get this Laser Tag Gun?

  1. It’s very affordable.
  2. Cool Augmented reality feature that utilizes your smartphone (iPhone or iPod which is optional)
  3. You can Play normally or Enhanced with Augmented reality that has plenty of eye candy like in video Games.
  4. Supports Solo Play which is new to Laser tag.
  5. Can link up with Multiple sets for team matches.


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