Spy Net: Spy Strike Laser Dueling System

Spy Net: Spy Strike Laser Dueling System














The Spy Net: Spy Strike Laser Dueling System is a nice system that includes 2 Laser tag guns. This a great set that has everything you need to start playing a Game of laser tag or going at it solo. With this set you can become the ultimate spy going on top-secret mission and taking down your rivals.Its also a great way to keep active and have kids get out of the house and play outside. They can even play inside as well.

This Laser tag blaster has an impressive 250 foot range which is more than adequate distance to hit your target.

What type of Batteries does this item use?

This Spy Net: Spy Strike Laser Dueling System uses 6 triple A batteries (AAA) with each gun using three (3) each. I advise you pick up some extra batteries for these to work. I also recommend you get rechargeable batteries.That way you can keep recharging the batteries and save in the long run. So get enough to both charge a set and operate the Laser tags.

What in the pack?

Inside the pack is the Laser Tag blaster and sensor which you can place on your person that allows the blasters to sense when you are being hit. So this unit has an external sensor that you wear and not the ones that are built into the blaster like the newer models as seen here. Place it on your arm or on a belt around your waist or any other convenient location.

The Blaster

The laser tag creates cool laser sound when you press the trigger which adds a cool interactive sound effects. Kids are guaranteed to love it. If one party gets shot repeatedly there blaster will turn off and they are out. So get ready to battle your enemy and use strategy to defeat them. The coolest thing about these laser tags is how light weight they are but they work great so don’t be caught up in how small they are. They are also quite reliable and good which is so nice.

The Buttons:

The blasters have a Neutralize (Freeze), reset and reload buttons. You can fire 25 shots one after the other before needing to reload your blaster with the reload button. The neutralize button is used to neutralize or freeze a targets blaster for 20 seconds. The reset button is used to reset the other party after they have been killed in battle and only the opposing party can revive the defeated party.

Why you should get this?

  1. It’s very sturdy.
  2. Good Range.
  3. Works very well.
  4. Kids love these toys.

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