Star Wars Laser Tag

Laser tag is far too popular to ever go out of style and with the latest Star Wars movie out fans have decided to combine two of the most popular franchises together in the form of star wars laser tag which is an exciting combination of the Game you already love laser tag and star wars for even more fun than we ever thought possible.

It’s basically a match made in heaven as they both go so well together and you can get several Laser tag sets that comes with Laser Tag guns and cool Star Wars accessories or toys to really add to the fun of Laser Tag.

Meet the coolest toys sets of them all:

1. Power Brand Star Wars Millennium falcon Toy Bundle with Laser Tag Pack of 2

Star Wars Laser Tag

This set contains the Twin Laser Tag set seen here that we reviewed earlier that is one of the best Laser tag sets that money can buy. The Star Wars Aspect of this set contains the legendary ship the Millennium Falcon that has:7 vehicles and 24 figures.

The characters and pieces include  Luke Skywalker, Darth Vader, R2-D2, Chewbacca, Han Solo, 4 AT-AT Drivers, 4 Snowspeeder Pilots, 4 Rebel Soldiers, 7 Snowtroopers, 1 Millennium Falcon, 3 Snowspeeders, 3 AT-AT walkers, 2 Roll Attack Strikers, 3 vehicle stands and 3 vehicle bases. The set contains 33 pieces in total.

You and the kids can create legendary battles or create adventures of your own and best of all they can get out of the house and off the couch and get some well needed exercise while they work as a team. This set is great for those who love Star Wars and want to get into Laser tag. Best of all this Laser Tag set does not need a vest as with traditional units as the Blasters have all the sensors built-in and can detect when you hit your opponent or you get hit.

2.Star Wars Stormtrooper Backpack – Plus (2) Laser Tag Blasters Bundle Set

Star Wars Laser Tag

This Star Wars Laser Tag set contains the same cool blaster above and a very cool Star Wars Stormtrooper Backpack that really cool and ideal for carrying your Laser tag blasters as you play with friends. You could not ask for a better set than this one as the backpack has on one very cool iconic Star Wars character that’s instantly identifiable.

Create Your Own Star Wars Laser Tag Set

It’s very easy to create your very own custom Star Wars Laser Tag set all you need is your imagination and a combination of any of the following Laser Tag sets and Star War Toys and accessories:

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