Think Gizmos Laser Gun Set For Kids And Adults TG666 Infrared Laser Tag

 Think Gizmos Laser Gun Set For Kids And Adults TG666 Infrared Laser Tag


Check out this great Laser tag set from ThinkGizmos that is called: Think Gizmos Laser Gun Set For Kids And Adults TG666. The model number is TG666 and the set has two (2) laser tags although you can get additional set for larger team matches. The set comes in white and Orange.

Contains all you need:

The set has everything you need out the box to get started with a Game of Laser tag. All sensors are built into the blaster so need for vests or external sensors. The blasters keep track of life and allow you to tag or shoot other players. It’s also very safe as invisible infrared beams are whats being fired and registered between each device. The only thing thats missing from the box is batteries and you will have to pick those up.

Modes of play:

You can have several teams of four distinctive colors also each blaster has various weapons modes that’s different. This adds lots of versatility and fun to Game and keep things fun and adds strategy elements. You can string together lots of these sets from the same maker and have very large team battles with friends.

Built to Last:

These Laser tag guns are built to be tough as your kids tend to be on their toys. Its made from plastic and produces lights and sounds. The exterior of this product has cool stickers that say: Space Blaster and various buttons for team selection and switching between weapons.

Why Buy this Laser Tag:

1.Its durable.

2.Fun for Kids or adults.

3.Great design and is comfortable to hold.

4.Comes with everything to get started out the box.

5.Good price for a set of two.

Where to Buy:

I like this set as it really durable and like most new model Laser Tag blasters it has a built in sensor that makes a all in one Laser Tag. So no more vests as that sensor is inside the blaster and ready to go.

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