ThrillZone Infrared​ ​Laser ​Tag​ ​Guns​

ThrillZone Infrared​ ​Laser ​Tag​ ​Guns​

Meet another new up and coming Laser tag set in the form of the ThrillZone Infrared​ ​Laser ​Tag​ ​Guns​. You get a set of four (4) blasters with built-in sensors so no need for a vest. These Laser tags produce lights, sounds and vibrations and are ideal for gifts for kids. That however does not mean that only kids use laser tags as teens and adults also play the game.

ThrillZone Infrared​ ​Laser ​Tag​ ​Guns​

These Laser tags have a somewhat rugged blaster look to them that resembles a mix of class laser tag and modern designs. These laser tags are so great as they don’t require bulky extras to be worn and this make them better for smaller kids and less likely for something to get in your way.

Its Interactive:

When you press the trigger vibrations are given out to actually feel like a real device and when you are hit as well. The added layer of sound also finish things off nicely. Team colors are indicated on the gun and you can choose any team and the Gun will glow in that color.  Using this its easy to distinguish between each team easily.

You can put several of these blasters together for fun team machetes that you can have lots of fun with. Take the fun outside as you can play in parks or inside the house the choice and possibilities are endless with this toy.

Play Your Way:

Play classic laser tag or a game of your own design. You can make up your own rules or play by class game rules. This is what makes laser tag the type of game kids and even adults come back to time and time again. It can be a fun way of boding or socializing with friends.

Where to buy:

Laser tags are the type of Gifts Kids wish for and families bond over. The magic is in how fun they are and kids will come back to them day after day. They are truly toys that do not go out of style like a true classic.


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