Toydaloo Set of 4 Infrared Laser Tag Guns

Toydaloo Set of 4 Infrared Laser Tag Guns

Laser Tags are making a comeback in a very big way this holiday season and all year round as the gift kids, teens and adults want. Meet the Toydaloo Set of 4 Infrared Laser Tag Guns which is a starter set of four Laser tag blasters that comes in four colors of: Astronaut White, Tidal Blue,Alien Green and Desert Orange.

Buttons and settings

The blaster has four (4) team selection buttons and you can choose between various teams which are color coded. Players can keep track of their team based on the color that’s shown on the side of their respective blaster with the LED.

Weapons Mode

If you have ever seen a laser tag similarly this one has various weapons modes such as :Pistol, Shotgun, Submachine Gun and Rocket Launcher Mode which you can switch between on the fly while you play against your friends. Each weapon has its strengths and weaknesses and you will need to account for this in the battle. See below for the breakdown of each and adjust your strategy accordingly in terms of hit damage and shots you will have:

Toydaloo Set of 4 Infrared Laser Tag Guns

Heath Bars and Game Play

The blasters or Laser tag guns can keep track of heath of each player and resister when you get hit or hit another player. As you play you can know you got hit as each Laser tag has vibration feedback and produce sound so you know when you are firing at an enemy.

You can use these toys indoor or outdoors and they have a great range of 130 feet, range is also affected by obstacles in the way but even with that it still provides more than enough room for Game play. You can also buy other sets of the same kind and put them together. So that includes linking another set of four (4) for eight (8) or more blasters in a set.

Who is this for?


This product is for Kids, it’s also makes for a great gift for teens and even adults. You can use them at a party as a fun Game or get a whole set so the family or a group at camp to play with. The possibilities are endless when it comes to laser tag. Also grab a set and make for the perfect gift for the holiday.

Where to Buy:

Get your right now

Why Buy this:

1.Great design.

2.Classic Laser tag features.

3.Group more than one set together for more players.

4.Excellent price for a set of four (4).

I suggest that you get this set based on its affordability, you will not get a cheaper set of four for less. It can be a great way for you and your friends to get into Laser Tag. Otherwise I think it makes for a great gift to get kids into something active and engaging which will keep them healthy-no more couch potatoes. If you played Laser Tag as a kid its your turn to introduce your kids or Grand kids to this wonderful world.

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