UK Best Laser Tag Guns and Equipment

UK Best Laser Tag Guns and Equipment

If you live in the United Kingdom you might have heard of a little something called Laser Tag. It’s a really fun and addictive game that people of all ages especially kids can enjoy playing. So that’s why I have come up with a list of the UK Best Laser Tag Guns and Equipment that you can get right now to start playing some Laser tag with friends at home. So no matter where you live within the United Kingdom you can get a set of Laser tags and start taking on your friends.For all other readers outside the United Kingdom you can find your list here.

Playing is simple you only need two (2) or more friends and you can have team battles. The game itself is flexible and you can learn some more about playing here. Next you will need a good laser tag gun which emits a invisible laser that’s totally safe and can register when another gun is hit for tracking matches and who is leading. These guns or blasters come in a variety of designs and below I have listed the best ones for you to consider getting. You only need two matching pairs or more depending on the number of friends or family you have and they all can start playing in the backyard.

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Laser Tag Guns as Gifts

Laser tag is great for all ages especially kids or even teens. They are the best gift you can give a kid as they will keep coming back to them time and time again as Game play is addictive. The cool thing is that they are versatile and get kids outside and keeps them active which is very healthy. Their motor skills will also be developed and they will thank you for it. They work inside or outside the House it’s mainly your choice.Can also be used as entertainment at birthday parties, family get together and more.

Best Laser Tag Guns UK

While there are many Laser Tag guns on the market within the UK there are a few that stands above the rest. I have listed them below just for you and you can choose the set that will suit your kids better. While you are at it be sure to pick up some batteries too as these sets do not come with batteries. Rechargeable batteries would work best so do keep that fact in mind.

1.Light Strike Assault Striker

This Laser Tag comes in three (3) distinct styles with each blaster looking a bit different. The Laser Tag gun lights up and in one of four (4) colors which indicates which team you are on. Players can set their team on the blaster by choosing corresponding colors. What really makes these blasters cool is the lights effects and sounds that comes from each.

UK Best Laser Tag Guns and Equipment

These are some of the larger Laser tags on the market and one of the most popular that supports a bunch of accessories.To power each of these laser tags you will need Four (4) AA batteries. My advise is that you either pick up a set of three of these in different styles or three of the same design or as much as the size of the amount of kids that are going to play. Either way they are in for some real fun.

2.Laser Tag Set for Kids Multiplayer 4 Pack

You wont find a better set than this Multiplayer 4 Pack here that’s a value bundle containing four different colored laser tags. Again you have four team settings and the Blaster lights up with the color of your team. Battle modes can be player against player or free for all matches.The team colors are: Red,Green,Blue and white.

UK Best Laser Tag Guns and Equipment

The best part is that you can have as large team as you want so that includes 8 Players or more. All you need is additional blasters as these work with all sets as long as they are the same model you can chain a bunch of these together. You can even set your Laser tag to different firing modes that offer various advantages or stopping power to take down your enemy. This is one of the newer and very popular laser tag sets out now.

3.Spiderman Mega Laser Set

UK Best Laser Tag Guns and Equipment

This laser Tag set is themed after Spiderman and you can see that from the web design painted on the blasters. The set is intended for two (2) player action and each blaster produces sound effects and lights along with the chest piece. This set is suitable for smaller kids. The set also has plastic vests or chest pieces and they both are powered by batteries so get a few as you wont get any with the set. The kids will feel like real super heroes as they battle it out with friends in an intense game of Laser tag.

This unit is also very cheaper than the rest but intended for very small kids unlike the other blasters on this list that can work for kids,teens and even adults. Also handle this set with care as it’s not ultra durable.

4.Nerf Lazer Tag

The Nerf Lazer Tag is among the classic sets that’s still going strong that I highly recommend you get. This set gives you vibration feedback as well as sound which adds a realistic feel to this Game set. You do get two blasters without batteries but you can get additional sets if you want. If you are not sure which set to get then get these as they are easy to use, durable and will give you hours of fun and kids will want to play with them instead of watch the Tele all day.

UK Best Laser Tag Guns and Equipment

They have great range and the sensors are built inside the blaster to detect when you are getting hit and track your life as you play. It’s like a video game in real life but better. The blaster is light enough for just about anyone to use these blasters and game play on the outside is fun and addicting.

5.Spy Net: Spy Strike Laser Dueling System

UK Best Laser Tag Guns and Equipment

These Laser Tags are more retro and don’t have the sensor built into them as most others do on this list. This does not however make them less capable. You can opt for head to head match or solo campaigns to sharpen your skills all while playing with friends or family. Kids will love these blasters to no end unlike any other toy they have owned as they will choose to come back to them time and time again. Ready to be the ultimate spy with this Spynet laser tag set, see the link below.

6.Lazer M.A.D Battle Ops

UK Best Laser Tag Guns and Equipment

Finally we have the Lazer M.A.D set which can hit a target at 50 meters or 164 feet away. The blaster has a LED display and you can keep track of your lives remaining. The blasters also light up and creates cool sounds. You also get a very cool head-gear that matches each blaster. They don’t come with batteries again so my advise is that you get a set of rechargeable batteries to work with your blaster.


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