What is Laser Tag?

what is laser tag

What is Laser tag you might ask? well Laser tag is a fun and modern take on the Game of tag that allows players which includes kids, teens or even adults to fight against each other in fun environments of their choosing,the players can be a part of a team or play with another friend in one on one matches. Each player holds a Laser tag gun and a sensor either on their body or build within the gun that detects when they are hit by another player.The guns are also interactive and have their own sounds and light effects as well as keep track of stats.

There are standard rules or players make make their own for a fun game of Laser tag against teams of other players or in one on one matches. The general terrain of the field of play usually includes obstacles and elevations or just your back yard will do. The idea is to make it a fun adventure that keeps every one active and engaged which will lead to a stronger family or team bonds with every one having fun and staying active.


What do you need to start Playing?

Getting started is quite easy and simple once you have the right equipment:

1. Two (2) or more Laser Tag Guns. (Most Guns have built in sensors)

2. Friends or Family that want to Play.

its that simple, so once you have your all you need and you know how to play you are ready to go.

Common Question:

Are the Laser Tag Guns dangerous or Harmful?

-No the beams emitted from each blaster is harmless and can only be detected by the other parties equipment or gun.

Does it hurt at all when you are hit by the lasers?

-Not at all the beams emitted cannot be seen and they do not hurt.

Will two sets of Laser tag guns that are different work together?

-Normally its a good idea to make sure that the set that you have are all from the same manufacturer and are the same model.

Do you need someone to keep score while you Play?

-No the standard blasters have a life line that decrease each time you get hit, so its easy to tell who won or who got hit.

What Powers these Laser Tag Blasters?

-They are battery powered and batteries may vary to the type of device.

How do Laser tag guns work?

-The Laser tag guns work with infrared Lasers and sensors and its very safe.

At what events are these devices best used?

I would recommend Laser tags for:

-Play time with friends or family.

-Birthday party

-School Camps

-Fetes and Fairs

-corporate events and more.

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